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Our weekly D&D adventures combine fun and exciting statistics with complicated slogging through rulebooks.

Come Hell or High Priest

Coming in April...test your mettle against the Old Gods

Easy Treasure Splitter

Gem/Art (gold):

Don’t Be Ugly

Use our character token template to create a stunning gold-leafed character portrait. Requires Adobe Illustrator.

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Magic Items for Trade

Permanent magic items can be traded 1-for-1 with an item of the same rarity. Contact Sage to add your item to the list or to complete a trade.

Player Rarity Item Name Wants in Exchange

Community Donations

Community donations are items that have been donated for collection by any player. Contact Sage to add your item to the list or to request an item from the list.

Donated By Item Name
May 26, 2016

Fancy Macros for Roll20 5e Character Sheets

May 3, 2016

Building a D&D 5e Character in Roll20