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May 2017

The King’s Speech

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A large crowd is gathered around the steps of Tidebreak’s Municipal Offices. King Hadakura ascends the steps and cups a gauntleted hand around his mouth. His voice travels clearly, without effort, to all your ears as he says,

My fellow Meridians,

It is with mixed emotions that I join you here in Tidebreak on this momentous occasion. On one hand, your courage and sacrifice in the pursuit of glory, honor, valor, and riches for the Kingdom of Meridia, delving time and again into the deepest, darkest dungeons, is a commendable testament to the highest ideals we all share. Ideals like safety, for ourselves and our loved ones, and courage, and the will to fight back from the doorstep of death to return to the fray. It is our duty to exemplify these ideals til the day we die.

But, I am saddened as well, in that now, I must ask you for more. Now I must ask you to fight for these ideals even in the life hereafter. To join the brave men and women who have taken the Last Sojourn and continue carrying the banner of Meridia into the next world.

Not only must I ask for more in death, but I ask for more in life. It is imperative that our armies march into the outermost reaches of this land. We must secure the Evergreen Shallows, bordering the trade roads to both Septentrion and Greycott as well as a major waterway necessary for circumnavigating the kingdom. We must secure the Evergreen Foothills, so close to home for all of you here at Tidebreak; just the other side of the fort of Steelarrow to the north. We must secure the Southern Savannah; just a short ferry ride from Meridia herself.

I am sure that, in the course of these events, I will ask you all for more sacrifices, and I am sure that the glory, honor, valor, and riches you will gain in return will allow you to share the same mixed emotions that I feel this very morning.

King Hadakura makes first trip to Tidebreak in 10 years

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King Hadakura woke up yesterday morning in a bed he hadn’t slept in for over 10 years.

It was the start of his first full day of festivities for recognizing the Tidebreak adventurers.

With the King slated to spend two days in Tidebreak, the international spotlight now shines on the small town where Hadakura reportedly could spend the occasional weekend over the coming seasons.

Meridia and Tidebreak could be cousins.

Both are legacy locations for the rich and famous, with Tidebreak counting among its ranks such wealthy residents as eccentric publishing magnate Alfred Cerf, the publisher of Hadakura’s memoirs in the new novel “Tidebreak,” and M. X. Braun, the owner of hunting and adventuring gear store “Provisions.” Meridia, of course, has its own share of in-the-money society members, including members of the Board of Commerce, Phoenix faction leader “Mama,” and the inventor of the island levitation technology (“Manaforge”) that has allowed Meridia’s shipping lanes to expand year after year. And, of course, there’s the King himself.

Where Meridia is largely single-family residences and commercial space, Tidebreak has a mix of rural and suburban development. “Of course, the King will be staying in the east side of town where security is tighter and there are more amenities,” said Tidebreak Mayor Steve Parker, “though we won’t be able to stop him from exploring the west if he chooses. A lot of the residents in that part of town have horses,” he added, jokingly.

Festival-goers interested in seeing, perhaps even meeting, the King should be certain to attend his public speech tomorrow morning.