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Dear Diary

By September 2, 2017IC

Town Guard, Regulus

“The moon above Meridia breaks through the clouds, and for the third night in a row, the outline of a dragon silhouettes against it. From atop his perch on a rampart, his long snout points directly at me, and my ballista directly at him. We dare not fire first, and he seems to know it.

On the first night, the King offered a wagon full of gold in hopes that it would persuade him to leave. He did leave, clutching the wagon in his long talons, gold sprinkling out like rain along his path. And on the next night, he returned.

On the next night, the call came to take up arms, and all night I stood here, at my post, bolt readied. All night he perched on the rampart as if he wanted us to fire. But the order never came.

Tonight, the King has called in reinforcements and told us to be prepared for anything, and I am scared. The full complement of the town’s soldiers are at the ready, and those from nearby forts have traveled day and night. They still trickle through the gates, one company at a time, and the dragon watches.”

Barkeep, The Harpy’s Head

“We all heard the horn that signaled that Steelarrow is lost, but we were already miles away and running as fast as we could. The boys gave a good fight, I’m sure, but those… things. I’m no apprentice bread cook, I know werewolves when I see ‘em. We’ve even had a couple over the years stop in on their way to Greycott. But there were so many of ‘em… too many to count, and they tore the walls down brick by brick.

The men we had were truly outmatched. Damned King called all the real soldiers to Meridia for “training drills” or something, so the civilians that didn’t stay to fight, well, they just scattered. Call me a coward if you like, but I’m still here. Think I’ll head to Meridia and give the King a piece of my mind…”

Treasurer, Mittani Oasis (White Sea)

“As much as I hate Mel, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and for half a million gold for some soldiers and ships, it was an easy decision. Guess the vapor trade is doing better than we thought. They’ll be in Septentrion in a fortnight, though most have never left Mittani, and only a handful will even survive the journey across the Sea.

The General assures me that the intensity of the ordeal will be a formative experience for those who do survive, and they should return the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen. I suppose if he’d rather have a hundred great mercs than a hundred thousand lousy ones, who am I to argue?”