Tidebreak Setting Guide, Novella, and Monster Manual

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Three professionally designed splatbooks for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Get the inside scoop on the world of Tidebreak with the Setting Guide. Learn the King’s story with the novella. Grab a chunk of new monsters for your next game with the Monster Manual.

These texts are available to download now but should be considered playtest material. They will be changed in the future, and you will receive updated copies via email with every new release.

Tidebreak Novella

A 140-page novella that shares the journey of Hadakura, now King of the Meridian Empire, and his rise to power roughly 30 years ago during a minor conflict between the elves and humans. The victory establishes Tidebreak, a city under strict martial law, strong government control, and the suppression of dissent. The novella tells the “official story” of who, why, and how the war was won.

Genres: High fantasy, Politics, War

Read the first chapter free! Tidebreak Chapter 1 v3.30

Tidebreak Setting Guide

  1. Travel rules for regional travel
    1. Simple travel (known locations)
    2. Exploratory travel (mapping, surveying, gridding)
    3. Effects of Paces (fast, slow, stealthy, obvious)
    4. Random encounter modifications while traveling
  2. Regions and Map
    1. 18 Regions spanning level ranges from 1 to 20
      1. Dragonfly River
      2. Elliot-Ironbow Wildlands
      3. Evergreen Foothills
      4. Evergreen Shallows
      5. Feral Heights
      6. Greater Territories
      7. Kingdom of Meridia
      8. Last Sojourn
      9. Lesser Territories
      10. Moonrise Woodlands
      11. Rotlands
      12. Septentrion
      13. Southern Jungle
      14. Southern Savanna
      15. Southern Swamp
      16. Sundari Grove
      17. Vrolnas
      18. White Sea
    2. Travel text and points of interest in each region
      1. Regional descriptions
      2. Cities/POI descriptions
      3. Important NPC stat blocks/descriptions
      4. Potential quests related to region/NPC/city needs
      5. Random encounter tables for day and night
      6. Unique surveying (exploration) tables in each region
  3. New races, classes, and abilities
    1. Half-freak, Hellborn, Umbra, Vrolnaya descriptions
    2. New classes? None yet, but we’ll see!
  4. Factions and important Faction NPCs
  5. Religions, major and minor, and important details
  6. City of Tidebreak NPCs, Locations, Wares
  7. Tabletop Play (Instructions for converting dice rolls, etc)

Monster Manuals

A collection of new monsters featured in Tidebreak. While the total number of new monsters is as-of-yet undetermined, the Monster Manual is big. By my count, the official Wizards Monster Manual contains 400+ monsters; Volo’s Guide has about 120. We’ll likely be somewhere between these two numbers, and 80 new monsters are already done.

  1. Monsters of Myths (reimagined mythological creatures from ancient and modern times from around the world; from Sumeria to Scotland to Japan)
  2. Big Books of X (Plants, Oozes, Dragons, Elementals, etc, each featuring dozens of new specific monster types)
  3. Freaks of Tidebreak (Metalfreaks, Netherbrutes, Netherthings, and other Tidebreak-specific monsters)


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