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Module: Ubor, the Giant King


A D&D 5e adventure for 4-5 Level 1 Players

As Rated by Players:

Quality: 9.25/10

Difficulty: 7.9/10 

Roleplay: 8.75/10 

Art: 10/10 


Product Description

In a cave at the edge of the world there lives a giant. Not a dank, dark cave filled with ropers and xorns, but a cozy cave covered in woven linens and pillows, with fine furniture made of wood and wrought iron, the smell of grilled meat and cumin in the air.

This side of the mountain belongs to Ubor, the Giant King, a cloud giant. But it was not always Ubor who dwelled here. A young and haughty Kukbog won Ubor’s rank and palace in a game of dice, relegating the former king to this cave.

And while Ubor has made the best of it, something gnaws at him about this place. It is not right for a cloud giant to live out his life in the squalor of others… nor to have just one side of a mountain…

What’s more — Ubor thinks the young giant cheated. And he thinks he knows how… he’s hatched a plan to restore the rightful order of the world and his place in it.

Kukbog, of course, has other intentions: to keep the throne and his wealth. Ruling his kingdom with an iron fist, any accusation of cheating without evidence would be met with immediate death.

Ubor requests the help of those who might unearth the evidence he needs without drawing too much attention to their reason for visiting The Gray Rise (a stretch of mountains near Mt. Hotenow, northeast of Neverwinter).


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