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Regarding The Last Sojourn

By April 21, 2017IC

In an elven burial ground in the Moonrise Woodlands, one tomb marked “Here Lies the Father of the Elves” was opened with a passphrase, “He Is Watching You.” Inside, a coffin containing papers. Here is the sum content of the relevant notes.

On a paper ledger, in Sylvan:

  • Party of fourteen¬†(dated 20 Winters ago)
  • Party of twenty¬†(dated 18 Winters ago)
  • Party of one (dated 15 Winters ago)
  • Party of thirteen (dated 15 Winters ago)
  • Party of eleven (dated 13 Winters ago)
  • Party of sixteen (dated 12 Winters ago)
  • Party of one (dated 10 Winters ago)
  • Party of seventeen (dated 10 Winters ago)

A map of the forest west of Tidebreak with three locations:

  • Sacrificial site (marked)
  • Heart of the Forest (marked)
  • The Last Sojourn (path)

A letter handwritten in Common bearing the stamp of King Hadakura:

“As much as I disagree with the solution, Am’li’yala is convinced that the threats from the White Sea grow stronger each year. There is no way to know whether or not our elderly will provide the necessary supply to sate the appetite of the evil within, but we have no choice. The White Sea continues to represent the greatest threat to our civilization and the people within, and we must make whatever sacrifices her immense wisdom deems necessary. The elves can no longer bear this burden on their own: Am’li’yala reports that their numbers have dwindled to just dozens.”

On a scrap of paper, a hastily-drawn illustration: several humans dressed in white robes being escorted into a circle of trees; the first is being led by the hand to an open, hollow trunk. Probably the work of a scout or ranger.