Required Reading

Hall of Heroes 101 – Contains RULE VARIANTS and other changes from standard 5e gameplay. Read before creating a character!


The following games are generally expected to run each week (Pacific Time):

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Game Schedule

T-0:30 – Pre-game prep

  • If you need a character approval, please arrive 30 minutes early. Characters must be approved by two other players with approved characters.
  • Hang out in the secondary channel (Harried Harpy) on Discord and test your mic, etc.

T+0:00 – Players must be logged in and on Discord

  • Stream starts, greetings, etc
  • Questions & housekeeping
  • Figure out what your group is doing as far as quests, etc

T+0:15 – Intro

  • Character introductions

T+0:30 – Adventure Begins

  • Game time

T+2:30 – Adventure Ends

  • Experience awarded
  • Loot awarded and split
  • Twitch voting rewards

T+2:45 – Vacate Discord channel for next game; any additional housekeeping can be done in the secondary channel

  • 15 Min Break