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William Brian Describes “Beautiful” Strike on Mittani

By April 7, 2017IC

Reporter William Brian faced an immediate backlash late Thursday for repeatedly describing a Meridian military strike as “beautiful.” The journalist appeared unable to contain his wonder as he spoke about his personal experience witnessing a coastal bombardment of the White Sea city of Mitanni.

“I saw a beautiful scene that night from the deck of the Meridian vessel,” Brian said, continuing, “I am guided by the beauty of our weapons.”

Brian went on to describe the “fearsome armaments making what is for them a brief flight over to the city.”

A Septentrion official has denounced the strike as “aggression against a sovereign state in violation of the norms of international law.” Septentrion’s Defense Ministry said Friday that it plans to bolster and increase the effectiveness of White Sea defenses following the attack.

“In order to protect the most sensitive objects of the White Sea’s infrastructure, a system of measures to bolster and increase the effectiveness of their armed forces will be implemented,” the official said.